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1. Take a few moments to write your US Senators and Representative and express your concerns about what happened to Denise Simon and her family.

Tell them you are concerned about the issued raised on the web site

Tell them you favor the enactment of a federal law to require the IRS to follow its own policy regarding search warrants.  It is easy to contact your Senators and Representatives.
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to find the names and contact info for your US Senators and Congressmen.

2. Send our web address to your family and friends. Let others know what can happen to them. Place our website on your favorite social web sites, like Face Book. The more people know about what happened to Denise Simon, the more that can be done to protect all of us from experiencing the same horror.

We sincerely thank you in advance for your support!


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In Denise Simon’s last communication (suicide note) to her only son, Adam, she wrote in part:

“I do not have the strength to fight the government. I cannot live in terror of being accused of things I did not do. My fighting days are long gone. Please know that things people are saying about your Dad and I are not true. On my death bed, I swear to this. But the government is too big to fight.”

Sadly, Denise was RIGHT! For the vast majority of us, the government and IRS are “too big to fight.” A former IRS agent eloquently once said, “The United States Government puts men on the moon. What chance does a taxpayer really have against the United States Government?”

How can a mere individual taxpayer reasonably expect to assemble the resources necessary to standup squarely to the IRS and its relatively unlimited resources of lawyers, time, and money? To most it is impossible; to the remaining few it is certainly not easy! Moreover, no matter how right a taxpayer may be, and no matter how wrong the IRS may be, the IRS can often win simply by causing the taxpayer to use up all of their financial assets. Consequently many simply live in fear of the IRS.

It need not be this way. Help us make a difference. Help us expose the IRS’s search warrant hypocrisy; its assertion the public is protected by its policy to use the “least intrusive mean necessary” to obtain evidence, while at the same time not enforcing the policy. Help us spark a legislative review and the enactment of a federal law that will require the IRS to simply enforce its own policy to use a search warrant only if the use of the search warrant truly is the “least intrusive means” of investigation needed to obtain evidence.

If we are successful in causing a new federal law to be enacted, we may just achieve a sufficient measure of protection that we will need not fear suffering (at the hands of the IRS) the horror suffered by Denise Simon and her family. This is a noble and just cause. You can be a part of it. You need to be a part of it. Please join our cause. When we are successful, you will be able to say you did your part!!!