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1. Take a few moments to write your US Senators and Congressmen and express your concerns about what happened to Denise Simon and her family. It is easy to do. Click Here to find the names and contact info for your US Senators and Congressmen.

2. Send our web address to others; to your family and friends. The more people who learn about what happened to Denise and her family, the more likely the Simons can stand strong, the more likely we can enact a law to force the IRS to follow its own search warrant policies, and the more likely others will not suffer like the Simons.

We sincerely thank you in advance for your support.

Wrongful Death Suit Says Suicide Followed IRS Raid
"They (government) said Denise Simon's death was ''voluntary and self-inflicted.""
New York Times - April 13, 2010
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Tax Season Again: Every American's Worst Nightmare
"If the agents who abused their power and literally frightened this poor woman to death can successfully defend their lawsuit using these tactics and that flimsy excuse of an argument, God help us all."
Rightside News - March 24, 2010
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Suit on wife's tax suicide widens
"...the IRS agents denied any wrongdoing, saying in their response that the search was conducted properly and according to policy."
Journal Gazette - March 5, 2010
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Husband’s suit faults IRS for wife’s suicide
"Neither James nor Denise Simon ever had any history of IRS conflict or ever participated in any kind of tax protest activity, according to court documents."
The Journal Gazette - November 8, 2009
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IPFW Alumi Newsletter
January 2008

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2.22.2010 Law suit follows IRS raid and mother’s suicide
IRS accused of disregarding search warrant policies

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